PARTIES. PATTIES. good times.


That classy gaff with trashy staff...

Sharing a love for top-notch nosh, entertaining & social eating, Zoe (food junkie & daughter-of-a-butcher) and Jess (creative prop-making maverick for the Royal Shakespeare Company) have manifested Trailer Trash for no-fuss pull-up party food at its best- taking the stress out of hosting, meaning all that's left to do is get trashed...

Trailer Trash brings Patties to Parties, using epic suppliers from the Cotswolds and the Midlands, with TASTE and GOOD TIMES at the centre of everything they serve.

Check out Spritz- Aperitivo, their sister company. Bringing you on-tap free-flowing spritz-inspired cocktails from their Italian cart! @spritzbaruk


Zoe 07795965151

Jess 07912063967




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